Tilos is a company that is known for creating high quality swimwear and underwater swimming equipment. Their line of swim fins is one of the finest fins that can be bought on the market, and this includes the Tilos Torrent Fin.

The Tilos Torrent fin is possibly one of the most versatile swimming fin products on the market. The blade of these fins is crafted from flexible polypropylene, which makes it easier for the product to bend under water. The fin is lightweight, and has an open-toed design that increases the flexibility. This design makes the product comfortable to wear and kick while the wearer is swimming under water.

Tilos Torrent Fins available @ kirkscubagear

Narrow ribs are fitted on the face of the product to make it stable, and the side rails are fitted with notches that are about 2/3 of the way up the rail. This feature further increases the flexibility of the fin and reduces the drag that the fin creates.

This advanced design makes the fins very effective to use. Other fins that have the “classic” design, are not as functional in the water. This translates to the wearer having to put out more pressure to use the fin, making it harder for them to enjoy the swimming experience and tiring them out more quickly.

The blade of the fin is positioned on top of the foot pocket so that when the user kicks, he generates the most thrust and power from a single movement. The foot board in the foot pocket is extended and the bottom is made with a non-slip pattern to keep the wearer from falling and hurting themselves when they are on slippery boat decks. This feature is very popular because of the number of embarrassing, and sometimes painful experiences many swim fin wearers that have gone through. This design on the fin makes the Tilos torrent fins one of the safest to wear both in and out of the water.

The snap on buckle located in the back of the heel secures the foot inside of the fin while it is in use. Some fins force you to push your foot into a sock like opening and force your foot into the foot pocket. This can become a challenge when the fin is wet, because your foot can be difficult to get past the slippery fabric. This buckle takes the challenge out of putting on the fin, so you don’t have to make your swim buddies wait for you as you put on those pesky fins.

Tilos Torrent fins can be found in yellow, black and blue, and the available sizes include small, medium, large, and extra-large. These fins are very effective in just about any water environment. Whether it is just a relaxed swim along the beach, or fighting against the roughest currents, this fin will effectively serve your swimming needs. This fin is of the highest quality and its price is very reasonable, so you won’t have to break yourself in order to get the high quality swimwear such as this.

Thanks to Nadia@ScubaDiverLife.com

Kathy Dowsett


About Kathy Dowsett

I believe in protecting our oceans, lakes and rivers, as well as their aquatic life. I respect the work of conservation groups such as Save the Sharks, Save the Sea Turtles and Save our Wrecks. I believe that the use of plastic bags/bottled water should be discouraged as plastic finds its way to the ocean. I also support Diving for the Disabled and Swimming for the Disabled. As a PADI-certified diver, my interest in diving led to the opening in July 2008 of kirkscubagear, my online business. My site offers more than 2,000 products, including freediving, swimming and outdoor equipment. My continuing goal is to encourage diving and offer customers a shopping alternative for the purchase of scuba gear.

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