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Dive Computers have evolved from decompression meters which in turn were made to replace and take the guess work away from decompression tables. At the start if you went scuba diving you would have to know the different stages of decompression to allow you to return to the surface safely. When you go diving your body will have inert gases inside of it and depending on how deep you go and what kind of air and gas you are breathing while underwater some of the gases will remain in the body, if you then try and surface too fast because of the pressure changes the body will get decompression sickness commonly known as the bends.

To avoid this you must have decompression stops on your return journey to the surface at certain depths and for a certain time. This used to be worked out on a decompression table and divers would have to remember the information. Then to take away the guess work decompression meters were invented which tells the diver how deep they are, how long they can stay down safely with all the decompression depths and times included and the information on the decompression stops. This however was still only a rough guide as different body types altered readings and also depending on what activities were done prior to the dive such as traveling on aircraft and diving too often were not taken into account.

The decompression meter was a basic instrument, however today you can now get a dive computer watch this is a highly advanced scuba computer which not only gives you all the information which a decompression meter did; but also has a built in dive log and GPS, compass, heart rate monitor and lots more information. The wrist dive computer can also download the information to a computer to keep accurate diving records including time, depth and pattern of your dives. This information will is calculated to give the maximum information to workout an accurate decompression rate for the diver, as each diver’s decompression will be different.

The latest versions of the scuba computers which you can wear on your wrist the same as a watch which allows you to carry with you on trips and traveling to your dive locations will keep an accurate record of pressures and allow the dive computer to work out an accurate reading for you next dive. Most of these watches also have a 24 lockout feature to stop divers going on another dive before they should do and stop divers infringing divers safety limits. When divers travel on aircraft to their dive locations it is suggested that they carry their dive computer watch with them rather than put it in the hold luggage with their other diving equipment, this will allow for more accurate readings and information to be gained from the scuba computer.

There are lots of different watch companies who make dive computers and there are various prices you can pay for them. Check out kirkscubagear which is offering scuba computers for sale and compare the prices with scuba diving shops. You could save yourself a lot of money buy shopping around for the dive computer as they are not the cheapest of items to buy a decent one will cost around $600 or more. If you are lucky you may find some cheaper but make sure you check out the reviews and check in diving magazines for information on scuba computers before you purchase one.

Thanks to Snorkel Scuba Dive

Kathy Dowsett


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I believe in protecting our oceans, lakes and rivers, as well as their aquatic life. I respect the work of conservation groups such as Save the Sharks, Save the Sea Turtles and Save our Wrecks. I believe that the use of plastic bags/bottled water should be discouraged as plastic finds its way to the ocean. I also support Diving for the Disabled and Swimming for the Disabled. As a PADI-certified diver, my interest in diving led to the opening in July 2008 of kirkscubagear, my online business. My site offers more than 2,000 products, including freediving, swimming and outdoor equipment. My continuing goal is to encourage diving and offer customers a shopping alternative for the purchase of scuba gear.

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  1. Reem K. says:

    For information on decompression alone I think that the dive computer is worth….then again I’m just a beginner 🙂

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