Darkfin BLACK  O.P.S. (Omni-Purpose-Sport) Gloves  available @ kirkscubagearFrom the Makers of the famous Darkfin Webbed Gloves for swimmers, surfers, freedivers and sky-divers!!!

Darkfin BLACK O.P.S. (Omni-Purpose-Sport) Gloves

Black Lagoon Products and kirkscubagear are proud to introduce

BLACK O.P.S. (Omni-Purpose-Sport).

Same great material, flexibility and comfort!


* Rock Climbing
* Fishing
* Gardening
* Mechanic
* Masonry
* Construction
* Yard Work
* Water Skiing
* Windsurfing



The many uses of BLACK O.P.S Gloves: drywall, fillet a fish, turn a wrench on any project!

Mechanics will love these gloves!!!

Kathy Dowsett



About Kathy Dowsett

I believe in protecting our oceans, lakes and rivers, as well as their aquatic life. I respect the work of conservation groups such as Save the Sharks, Save the Sea Turtles and Save our Wrecks. I believe that the use of plastic bags/bottled water should be discouraged as plastic finds its way to the ocean. I also support Diving for the Disabled and Swimming for the Disabled. As a PADI-certified diver, my interest in diving led to the opening in July 2008 of kirkscubagear, my online business. My site offers more than 2,000 products, including freediving, swimming and outdoor equipment. My continuing goal is to encourage diving and offer customers a shopping alternative for the purchase of scuba gear.

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