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Remember spending a hot summer day washing your car-then drying it off with a chamois cloth? This is the basis behind Chammyz. The California based designers have modified this incredibly, functional, durable and soft natural material maximizing its potential as a wearable fabric – using it in producing pullovers, jackets, pants, shorts and towels in a variety of styles, colors and sizes.

Chammyz original product was designed to be the ultimate after water sports, beach, outdoors and casual lifestyle pullover. Complete with hood, kangaroo pouch and drawstrings for both hood and waist. Relaxed cuts allow for free movement, regardless of your activity.

Because of it’s incredible ability to provide instant dryness, warmth and comfort after water sports, protection from wind-chill and changing weather conditions, these loose fitting pullovers are without a doubt, The World’s most functional after water sports pullovers.

Lightweight, pre-washed, and pre-shrunk. Chamois apparel is designed to move with you.


Cold Protection

Comfortable and Breathable

Blocks UVA/UVB rays
Sun Protection: Rated at 50+

Breathable: Chammyz is manufactured from fibers, which allow your body to breathe.

Recyclable: Our fabric is 100% all natural and environmentally friendly. Our process actually aids the environment by utilizing wood fiber waste.

UV Protectant: UVA and UVB-government rating of 50+ — Chammyz are an excellent source of protection from ultraviolet rays.

Heat Insulator: Wood fibers act as a natural insulator so you get the warmth without all the layers. They are as comfortable in warm weather as they are in cool.

Even your dog can have a Chammyz!!!

So whether you crave functionality, desire fashion, or both—look no further than Chammyz.

Kathy Dowsett


About Kathy Dowsett

I believe in protecting our oceans, lakes and rivers, as well as their aquatic life. I respect the work of conservation groups such as Save the Sharks, Save the Sea Turtles and Save our Wrecks. I believe that the use of plastic bags/bottled water should be discouraged as plastic finds its way to the ocean. I also support Diving for the Disabled and Swimming for the Disabled. As a PADI-certified diver, my interest in diving led to the opening in July 2008 of kirkscubagear, my online business. My site offers more than 2,000 products, including freediving, swimming and outdoor equipment. My continuing goal is to encourage diving and offer customers a shopping alternative for the purchase of scuba gear.

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  1. spliffonline says:

    That’s an awesome idea, I might have to get myself some Chammyz.. I really like their design too, and the dog outfit is really cute! LOL

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